Venus of Willendorf 

Fertile Mother Goddess

European Old Stone Age - Upper Paleolithic Period - 28,000 Years Old

4 Inches in Height. Portable Statuette.


Aphrodisiac? Mother Goddess? Fetility Enhancer? Totem? Worship? Deity?

Why are these extraordinary finds emerging in the last 100 years.

Painted with RED OCHRE - Symbol of blood, symbol of Life.

For tens of thousands of years of humanity across every continent female figurines, rock art and bones of our ancestors beloved dead are covered in Red Ochre.

The Venus of Willendorf (found in Willendorf, Austria)

Banned on Facebook in 2018 for being "pornographic"

(FB has now apologised after the Museum of Vienna created a public storm)

This beautiful masterpiece resting in the hands of the modern world.

Why is she here with us.

What an exceptional gift a legacy left by a people we will never know.