Venus of Laussel

This Goddess changed my life. 

When I saw her. I felt the deepest remembrance in my yoni.

An ancient Grandmother of the moon gazing through time to me in my 21st Century world. The 13 Moons and the Y shape on her thigh suggests profound Menstrual and YONI/Womb Wisdom.






"The Venus figurine is most noted for its corpulence.

She has large pendulous breasts,

a wide flat bottom, a rotund stomach and thick thighs.

The main portion of her bulk is focused on her torso as her legs taper into small stumps and her arms are thin and spidery.

Some modern Goddess lovers have labelled her pregnant rather than fat. This concept has more to do with our own modern cultural mindset than the actuality of the statue.

If the earth mother goddesses with their oversized stomachs represent the earth and its ability to grow seeds into food to eat…. They are the soil that is nurtured by rain to give forth bounty.







But before the Neolithic area there was no farming. Instead during the Palaeolithic period, the time when the Venus was created….humans hunted and gathered their food.


They did not plant seeds and harvest crops. Therefore, a fertile Mother Earth Goddess would be of little use to the men and women of an Upper-Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer society.


They would have no reason to honour the earth as bountiful because, in a steppe-tundra environment, she would give them little nourishment.

So is she is not a fertility goddess connected to the earth and agriculture, then what is she…?"


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