Bad Nurrenburg Shamaness

Female Shaman Burial 

European Stone Age - Neolithic Period - 8,000 Years Old

25-30 years old and buried with a baby. 

This woman was important, valuable, highly cared for. 

Shamanism is the oldest religious and spiritual practice on the planet.

We know from tribes still working shamanicly today that a strong relationship with the world of spirits, animals, gods, goddesses, symbols and signs meant a life that was honouring and relating to the natural world for the well -being of the hunt, the tribe, the land, the ancestral beliefs. 



with ORGASMIC ECSTASTIC DANCE, with Feminine Visioning, with PREGNANCY, with the GODDESS.

It is possible that the Bad Nurrenburg Shamaness is one. 

A rich set of grave-goods were found in one of three burials excavated

during 1930's at Bad Dürrenberg

(Saalekreis district, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany).

This was the grave of a 25-35 year-old female buried between 9,000-6,000 years ago,

along with a 6-12 month-old child.

The grave was filled of red hematite, which was at least 30 cm deep.


Covered with RED OCHRE - Symbol of blood, symbol of Life.

For tens of thousands of years of humanity across every continent

female figurines, rock art and bones of our ancestors beloved dead are covered in Red Ochre

  • Several flint blades

  • Two bone needles

  • Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus) antler

  • 16 Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) incisors

  • Polished stone pelt

  • Wild boar (Sus scrofa) tusks

  • Various bones (crane, beaver, red deer)

  • Shell fragments from swamp turtles (pseudemydura umbrina)

  • 120 fragments of freshwater mussels


Thankyou to James Dilley PHD Candidate, Experimental Archaeologist 

at Ancient Craft for these details. and his recreation costumes below. 

Sisters, my theory which I have shared with a university is that the woman could be a Womb Shaman as she is buried surrounded by turtle shells. weaving needles and roe deer. This is the kind of knowledge which is only just coming through in a much needed ontological turn of much of the

evidence we have uncovered in the past.

First Nations call the earth "Turtle Island".

This is because turtles are as old as dinosaurs and are said to have witnessed Creation...and the Creation story.

Turtles have a relationship with the moon.

Every turtle in the world has 28 ridges around its carapace (top-shell)

There are 28 days between each full moon;

and because every turtle has 13 scutes (ridges)

on their carapace, and there are 13 full moons every year.

Turtles main nesting season is around the

first full moon in June; the Strawberry moon.

Finally the turtle is a symbol of Truth, and their 7 parts

(legs, arms, tail, head, and shell) correspond

to the 7 Grandfather Teachings for living a good life.

                                                                                                                                                  Reference - Turtle Guardians 

Meditate to meet this Sister Goddess more deeply.