The Sleeping Lady, Malta 4,000 BC​

The Sleeping Lady -


The walls and ceiling where this Goddess was discovered

 are painted in Red Ochre. 

Ancient tombs and caves across every continent have shown the bones of the dead covered with RED OCHRE.

Red Ochre it is thought is to symbolise, Menstrual Blood. Possibly painting the bodies with red blood symbolized life for death. 


The Sleeping lady is an artistic masterpiece created in the Neolithic period. Naked from the waist upwards she is thought to represent death and the infinite mother. Unusually her hair is shaved off and starts growing at the back.

During the Neolithic period, throughout the central Mediterranean, the deceased were buried in underground rock-cut tombs.

Sometimes everything in an ancient tomb, including the walls, were painted with this red ochre. 

Is the Sleeping Lady's chamber a tomb of the dead.

And countless "Goddess" figurines of the Paleolithic period were painted with red ochre — a very common symbol in prehistoric Goddess icons.


The temple complex, or Hypogeum (Greek for underground)

 is an underground temple complex

"I was singing inside the earth, in a place that had been used thousands of years for ritual, for oracles, for prophecy. It was obvious that the people who built it had an incredible understanding of acoustics and of the value and power of sound for healing." JENNIFER BEREZAN













Its origins remain a mystery.

No one knows who built the temples on Malta.

But we can guess that they were connected to DEEP earth gifts, of oracle, prophecy and a profound relationship with birth and death..


Jennifer Berezan on the extraordinary mysteries of the Goddess


ReTurning Recorded in the

Oracle Chamber of the Hypogeum, Malta