Sheela Na Gig 

Sheela Na Gig. an Irish 'Fertility' Goddess. The most beautiful taboo. Sheela Na Gig somehow invited by Christian clergy to stand guarding, smiling down from church and castle doorways. Also found at Holy Wells. 

The "Vulva Triangle" being one of the oldest human symbols found on earth.  We can of course interpret her as a fertility Goddess. But is she. It is clear viewing some of them with more "grotesque" expressions, that she is a deep symbol of the wild untamed feminine, almost as though she shrieks to us from the earth, "ya boo sucks to you!" She's dark, she's funny and between her thighs is all the world. 

Beatrice Kelly, Heritage Council head of policy and research, said Sheela-na-Gigs are"very evocative symbols of the feminine in old Irish culture".

"Their prominent positions in medieval churches and castles attests to the importance of the female in Irish society," she said.

"More convincing reassessments have reinterpreted the Sheela-na-Gig, in line with the Cailleach (old woman or hag), as belonging to the realm of vernacular folk deities associated with the life-giving powers of birth and death," she said.

"Placed with the cycles of both the natural and agricultural year and the human life cycle, she can be regarded as the embodiment of the cycle of fertility that overarches natural, agricultural and human procreation and death."

Na Gig meaning "She-Of" or "Daughter-Of." 

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