Ģ̵̟͇͇̣͕͋͐͠Ⓞ𝔡ᵈ𝐞𝕤𝔰 RoⓒᛕŜ 

"A 21st Century Oracle..."

                                                          Naia Leigh


"Phoenix is pure magic, she truly is a modern day mystic, a wise Oracle.

I am honoured to have worked with her personally as well as weaving her and her expertise in to

my Temple Body Arts School and to my International Temple Body Arts Day. 

She is an incredibly present and compassionate guide."

Sofiah Thom, Temple Body School of Dance, Costa Rica.

"Our Pain is Holy...

Divine Feminine Embodiment....

Is Our Birthright.

Transform Dark into Light,

Presence, Power & Guidance x"

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